Smart Cities

Scale your civic infrastructure operations.

Waterways Management

Waterways Management

Get real time reporting on your civic waterways infrastructure, like storm, waste water systems and rivers. Monitor everything from levels, flow, and pollutants all from HQ.

Sensormesh's smart reporting functionality allows you to segment and report on your systems by geography, and by metrics, with a few clicks

Waste Management

Reduce your waste collection costs by optimising your operational teams. Know when and where your fullest bins are, with GPS location and level sensing hardware.

Integrate sensormesh with dispatch routing software, to bring further automation to your teams.

Pip IoT Telogis
Waste Management

Resource Management

Environment And Resource Management

A smart city enables the effective utilization of resources and better quality of services to the citizens. Achieve that by using sensormesh to manage large scale monitoring deployments from air quality, water quality and many more sensor devices to get better outcomes for your ratepayers.

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