Sensor Monitoring and Analytics for the real world.

Gain actionable insight from your Sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) data.

Works very well with

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Sensormesh has modules for

Smart Agriculture

Monitor pumps, measure water quality, and receive real time notifications based on your compliance rules.

Smart Industry

Automate your industry, use your human resources more effectively, and get notified early.

Smart Cities

Monitor specific geographic areas, so teams can identify and respond to issues faster, integrate with current systems.

Out of the box features!

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Time Series Analytics

Anaylse all your metrics in a beautiful chart. Group sensors together and compare multiple metric's data all at once.

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Real time push

Simplify collecting your data. Push your IoT data straight into SensorMesh. Do away with clunky collection methods.

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Uptime Monitoring

Monitor the status of your sensors throughout your network. Set time based rules to notify you when a sensor goes down.

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Set high/low limits on your metrics, and get updated instanly via email, SMS* or via an API integration*.

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Advanced Reporting

Ask complex questions of your wider sensor network using complex queries to retrieved targeted results.

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Mobile App

No need to open a browser, browse your sensor data on Android and Apple iOS.

Sensormesh Mobile

Your sensor data available on

Apple iOS Android

We take care of the plumbing.

No more wasting precious time trying to build your IoT solution. Sensormesh takes care of the plumbing, and allows you to get on with business.

And allow you to create advanced reports

No more
Excel spreadsheets!

If you find yourself using excel spreadsheets or other hard to use tools to manage your sensor data or telemetry, switch to sensormesh immediately.

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Sensormesh Way

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