SensorMesh is the IoT monitoring and time series platform.

Take control of your growing Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network, by organising and monitoring your sensors.

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Simple to use, but value packed

Uptime monitoring

Monitor the status of your sensors throughout your network. Set time based rules to notify you when a sensor goes down.

Time Series Analysis

Anaylse all your sensors vital metrics in one place. SensorMesh allows you to organise and view time series data in groups.

Real Time Push

Simplify collecting your data. Push your IoT data straight into SensorMesh. Do away with clunky collection methods.

SensorMesh is great for


Local Governments & Councils

Building & Construction

Designed for everyday people

SensorMesh is designed from the ground up to replace your current clunky, hard to use sensor data software. SensorMesh comes with user management out of the box, and can work seamslessly within your organisation, big or small.

Built on cloud infrastructure.

There is no need to install any software. SensorMesh works on any modern browser, and any mobile browsing devise.